Trendy Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

New York City has been a leading center for interior fashion for decades. If you’re curious about the newest styles in kitchen designs, take a peek into trendy the Upper East Side and Tribeca apartments in NYC. You’ll discover the hottest looks and the smartest styles. Designers have been experimenting with many new materials for kitchen backsplashes, so it’s no surprise that some of the most exciting treatments are now appearing in the Big Apple.

Space is often a premium. If you enjoy cooking or entertaining, small kitchens need to be big performers. Center islands are popular, but sometimes are messy or must work around other interior structures. A designer for a very fashionable Park Avenue Townhouse in the Upper Eastside of NYC wanted to add a center sink island to the kitchen against a narrow center trendy kitchen vertical wall. The wall needed to be protected with a backsplash and blend with the existing features. The designer chose 6″ x 12″ limestone tiles with a gloss finish. The muted natural color added a sophisticated touch, which complimented the brighter wall tiles.

Natural stone tiles are available in marble, travertine, waxed stone, onyx, slate, and granite as well as limestone. They are a smart choice when adding to an existing kitchen, if the wall tiles are difficult to match because they are a bright color or intricate pattern. The natural look of stone tile easily compliment them.

Multi-functional islands are popular in upscale lofts in Tribeca and Soho. Many loft spaces are large rooms which decorators and designers opt to keep open by adding furniture or features that define the space but do not wall off areas. Two island counters achieve this affect in a Tribeca, NYC loft. Since the floors, walls, and cabinets were all natural wood, the counters needed to add an extra dynamic without clashing. Screen printed field tile was chosen for the short counter walls and backsplash. The pattern was inspired by 17th& 18thcentury European etchings and engravings. These hand rolled tiles transform ordinary areas into fashionable designer spaces. Hand crafted tiles can also be used over fireplaces and entrance ways, thus seamlessly uniting living spaces throughout the loft.

Kitchen back splashes although functional necessities can be used as decorative highlights which transform small rooms into beautiful spaces and unite areas without using walls. Natural stone and screen printed tiles are setting new trends in interior design nationwide.


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