How to Paint a Concrete Floor

Concrete is one of the most popular materials used for construction purposes. Its porous nature and durability add to the strength of the building. You can paint concrete floors and walls in different colors. Concrete looks dull and lifeless. Adding different colors would automatically bring a lot of life to the building.

Concrete painting takes quite a lot of time and you have to check various parameters before starting the entire process. Firstly, degrease the concrete. Clean it thoroughly with suitable degreasers. Generally, the newer blocks of concrete have several curing compounds mixed with the material. Therefore, make sure the concrete does POR34 not have any curing compounds. This makes adhesion difficult. Check out for moisture too. Do not start painting until the concrete is completely dry. You cannot paint a very hard or rough concrete. The paint will not adhere to the surface and will peal off easily. Make sure the concrete has a texture similar to a sand paper. You can use an acid etcher to get the sand paper texture. After using the etcher, wash the surface with water. You can also neutralize the acid with ammonia.

You can use an epoxy-based paint for normal floors. However, if you want the floor to have a firm grip and prevent chances of skidding, you can add silica to epoxy. You can also have a glossy concrete finish by double coating the walls and the floors. Paint different patterns; add a lot of color to make your concrete look bright and vivacious.

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