How to Care for a Watch Box

A watch box, like any other fine piece of furniture, requires care to keep it in the best possible condition. While a simple wooden watch box can be cleaned with a wood cleaner, just as any other wooden furniture can, watch boxes are often made of a combination of wood, glass, and brass, or leather, or a man-made substance.

The glass portion of a lid can be cleaned as one would clean any other glass; Windex or another non-streaking glass cleaner will keep the window pristine so that the beauty of the contents can be displayed. Be careful in applying the cleaner, however; it can affect a lacquered gloss adversely. One way to make sure the gloss of the watch box is not affected is to use an old “grandmother’s method” of glass cleaning, that is, a dampened piece of newsprint (black and white, not color).

If your box is wooden, wiping it down with a cloth to which some Murphy’s Oil Soap has been applied is a good practice. Murphy’s Oil Soap is excellent for polishing wood, and will not damage it.

For a lacquer or plastic watch box, a plastic cleaner like Lexol or Plexus is just the ticket. It will keep the outside of your watch box in good shape.

A leather watch box is fairly easy to clean. Use a cloth with a moisturizing soap on it, just as with leather wooden watches uk

furniture. Don’t use too much soap, just enough to clean the leather. One benefit of this treatment is that you can actually leave the soap on the box, since the leather will absorb it and stay supple. You can then polish the box with a microfiber cloth.

The inside of watch cases should also be kept clean, since this is where the watches reside, and dust there could damage the mechanisms of the watches. If you have a vacuum with a small brush attachment, you should be able to clean the larger interior portions of the watch gift with that. Smaller items, such as watch pillows and watch rolls can be removed and vacuumed, or brushed with a soft brush to dislodge any dust that has accumulated. Faux suede interiors can also be brushed, and if the watch box interior is real suede, a small amount of suede cleaner may be used.

Brass hinges should be kept clean, as should brass keys and locks, by the use of brass cleaner on a cloth. Make especially sure that all traces of the cleaner are removed, however; if not, the hinge can get gummed up and/or stuck.

Consider your watch box a fine piece of furniture, rather than a mere container, and care for it accordingly. The time and materials you invest in caring properly for your watch box will obviously pay great dividends in terms of extending the life and durability of the box, and it will increase the pleasure you derive from using the box to protect and display your watches.

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