Home Building Cost Without Cutting the Value

There are many factors that go into building a home, but consider all of the factors that the Appraiser will not, give you any extra credits for, as I told you about in part one. Cost Does Not Equal Value! One might argue that “I have twice as much concrete in my driveway, therefore, I should get credit for the difference as opposed to the comparable house the appraiser used”. An appraiser will not see it the same way. I want to share with you some secrets of the high volume builders that saves tremendous costs, without affecting the Appraised Value. Knowing these secrets will promote the balance of cost verses value and you’ll never shop for a home the same way!

Thinking like a tract home builder will save you thousands in your building experience. I am not saying to use lower quality materials or labor, I want to show you all of the little ways you can cut expenses to stay in or below your home building budget as you approach each phase of สร้างบ้าน your construction. In some cases it may seem a minimal amount. A hundred dollars does not seem like a deal breaker, does it? However, if you do that 20-25 times throughout the construction process, well, just “do the math”.

In part one, I talked about how to save money in your driveway, your building set backs- where you place your house on the lot, closing fees, what type of loan you should inquire about to your lender for maximum savings, and where you can save the most amount on your floor plans or blueprints.

Brick on a home is very big here in Texas, however the choices are many. You can save a tremendous amount in this category alone. I believe there are five sizes to choose from, so, think like a builder. Typically, the smaller brick are more expensive per thousand, that is how they are sold, and because they are smaller it will take more brick, and use more sand and mortar. The brick layer will also charge by the thousands he lays. So, using the larger brick will be much cheaper in the materials and labor! The less quantity of brick, less sand and mortar, the less the brick layer charges on the lower brick count. For the whitest mortar, order white mortar, and mix it with white brick sand. Beware, the white brick sand will cost a great deal more and in some cities it is not allowed.It has a weaker bonding strength. However, we use it quite a bit, and have not had any major problems that I am aware of. FYI, if you use the white mortar with regular brick sand it tends to have a yellowish tint, but is much cheaper to use. Which brings up another point, when choosing your brick, ask the Brick Company where it is used on an existing house so you can see what it really looks like on a home. Pay very close attention to the color of the mortar as it will change the entire appearance of the brick. The cheapest route is regular mortar with the regular brick sand. Just be aware, colored mortar can change the entire color of the brick and have a totally different look.

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