Growing Orchids Under Lights – Is It An Alternative Way Of Cultivating Orchids?

Orchids are considered to be the most beautiful flowers in world. Its variety alone and its vibrant colors are enough reason to be amazed by this beauty and it takes so much to achieve this. This flower loves the sun, but growing orchids under lights will also achieve the same, if not better effect. It is known that when they are grown under artificial light can actually produce much bigger blooms. This makes it ideal for business because some people just love to put this precious collection to aesthetically enhance their homes but are not cut out to care of them.

But growing orchids under artificial lighting can be tricky, especially if you are just starting to care for this plant. There are also factors to consider, very much similar to when you grow them outdoor, when they receive natural sunlight. There are basically three factors to consider in proper care of orchids: water, sunlight or artificial light, and humidity or air. All these elements are present in their natural habitat and we all know that Mother Nature provides the most balanced combination of all these elements. Taking this plant out of this condition will be harmful to its overall health condition.

First things first, if you intend to grow your orchid collection indoors. Therefore will require some aid of artificial lighting, you need to be aware of its natural place of origin. This information is vital because it will help you define the kind of environment that you need to create for them. Just as a reference: orchids that are naturally grown in South America are used to having some shade.

As compared to the ones that primarily originated from India, the Philippines and Pacific Islands, which are used to receiving daily light, which are more direct and are stronger in nature. There are also species that grow in mountainous and temperate places and these require shield from harmful effects of direct sunlight.

Once you know where your specific orchid plant come from; it will be much easier for you to simulate the condition that they are best cultivated and you can also adjust your simulated lighting accordingly. In my case, most of my orchids originate from the tropics. I have some from the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. And since they are from the tropics, they love to receive a generous amount of sunlight and can tolerate even exposure to direct sunlight.

It was not hard for me to approximate this particular lighting condition when I decided to transfer some of my collection indoors. I just used the specialized type of plant lighting known as cool white and warm white fluorescent bulbs to give them the widest spectrum of light. In a matter of few months, I saw my plants blooming with much larger flowers and more intense colors.

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