Computer Games Are a Great Way to Stretch Entertainment Dollars

Cheap games provide loads of recession-proof fun.

If your household has a computer with internet access you have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy cheap games. These are truly fun for the whole family.

There are games ideal for grade-school kids, teenagers and adults and for many interests. Say you like word games and your husband likes strategy puzzles. Your daughter in grade 3 loves animals and your teenage son enjoys history puzzles. Not only are cheap Thanksgiving Event Harvest Of Nightmares Comes To AdventureQuest Worlds games available for everyone’s taste, but also you can download free game trials.

In our household we enjoy a large variety of computer games. Cheap games don’t mean that the games aren’t incredibly well designed. Some old favorites we have been playing for years while others we just discovered this week. We have a favorite site where we find our cheap games to download free games to try before buying, but more about that later.

Some of our favorite cheap games are Hidden Object Games where you search for items hidden in a scene. Between chapters or segments other types of puzzles are often introduced, including finding the differences between two seemingly identical pictures, sleuthing your way through logic puzzles to unlock a door, or repeating a sound or light sequence. Sounds easy but it can be very, very challenging. We play as a team although it’s also fun to play alone.

Cheap games fun is the operative phrase here. Most of our games only cost $6.99 for unlimited play. Before we buy any game, we take advantage of the free game download trial period. It helps us eliminate games that look like fun for us from the description and enjoy others we originally thought would be of only marginal interest.

We used to enjoy live theatre, ballet and musical productions as well as taking in movies regularly. We still hope to be able to enjoy some of that entertainment on occasion, but for recession-era fun, cheap games have brightened our free time.

One thing’s for sure, no matter what our budget, cheap games on the computer give amazing bang for our entertainment buck. We have lots of fun playing hidden object games, word games, puzzles games and anything else that sparks our interest.

JayLynn Fincher is a freelance writer whose current interests include not only making the best of life in a tough economy, but also enjoying every day to the max.

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