A Flutter of Reality – Insignificant Changes Within a Complex System Lead to Unpredictable Results

If you truly want to change the world, you must change your thinking! The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. Einstein.

Given the problems we face on Earth at the beginning of the third millennium we should make “changing the world” our highest priority. Our planet is in crisis, we have damaged our ecosystem to the point where it cannot compensate. There are numerous issues to be addressed but clearly Global Warming can be labeled as “our primary concern”. 26-30,000 innocent children starve to death each day, we do nothing about it, despite humanitarian aid projects, the human race in reality has not made any improvements and to be honest has no intention of doing anything to resolve this and other issues. The impacts of Global Warming and other man made environmental disasters will dramatically worsen the plight of many people in the next 50 years. filmes evangelicos Churches (all religions) Governments, and Industry have the power to do something, but they chose not to take effective action.

Why not? In business such would lose money, in government it would lose votes and in religion it would lose wealth and power. Seriously, why would they spend resources on people who don’t buy from them, don’t vote for them and don’t worship or contribute to them?

You are a responsible resident of planet Earth, You are responsible (along with the rest of us), for all of the problems that beset our world. Unaware you have given your power to those who continue to destroy our world and opportunities for a future. You now feel powerless to take your power back. 26000-30000 children die of starvation every day, our children and grandchildren will live in a world of disasters of biblical proportions. Look around, you know the issues, they will not be repeated here! In their naivety, greed and hunger for power our ancestors took more than their entitlement of the earths resources and damaged its ability to recover. We do the same but to a greater degree and there are many more of us now.

All of our cultural structures are based on surrender of power (including wealth) to those further up the hierarchy, whether it is a monarchy or other form of government or any form of religion and of course trade and finance.

You are not being asked to turn away from your religion, overthrow your government or quit your job! You are being urged to observe independently, judge critically and take inventive risks in every aspect of your lives. This will prepare you, not for the existing order which demands conformity and obedience and which created our problems, but for the only way society can resolve the issues it now faces.

What is the alternative to perpetually degrading the earth, warring against our fellow man and in the process living futile, insignificant lives with only superficial enjoyment and no concept of real happiness? –

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