5 powerful Inventions that changed the world


It is necessary that you try to make yourself comfortable in any situation or condition you might meet yourself. Comfort is one of the most important things in life. That is what humans have done finding themselves on planet earth. Modern humans have dreamt and created so many things to make our lives better and exciting. From the beginning till now, there has been the development of different invention and it won’t be stopping anytime soon. As humans are so complex and our needs keep increasing, the inventions will only get better.

Humans have made unimaginable progress since the first creating till now. Ranking these inventions is harder than anyone might think. Every single thing that has ever been invented from the camera to the airplane is very useful and important. Modern inventions are focused on improving the things we have had before than complete transformation. So, all the gadgets or devices we have will keep getting more sophisticated. However, this post is going to list the 5 powerful inventions that changed the world.

5 powerful inventions that changed the world

The Printing Press

This is a device that is commonly used nowadays to print words into paper form. It was invented in 1440 by a German man named Johannes Gutenberg who is a goldsmith. It is one of the world’s greatest inventions as it improved the prior printing methods. Before it was invented, before people could successfully print, they needed to brush the paper or cloth repeatedly for the ink to be transferred on it. It was one of the greatest events that happened in the 2nd millennium.

He also invented the hand mould which reduced the cost and stress spent on printing documents alongside the printing press.  From generation to generation, there has been development and improvement in the size and function of this device.

The Light Bulb

This is one invention that really changed the world positively. Imagine working on a project and daylight being your only source of light. This means that once it is night, you will have to put a halt to what you are doing and postpone it till the next day. The invention of the Light bulb made it possible for people to be active at night. According to history, there were several people (2 dozens) that were useful in the creation of incandescent lamps in the 1800s. The main person that took the glory for success is Thomas Edison. This is because the man invented a complete functional lighting system, the carbon-filament bulb, and also a generator and wiring.

The invention of this device also changed the pattern in which people sleep in the western world. There was no reason to go to bed at the first sign of darkness. Alessandro Volta, an Italian inventor is responsible for developing the practical method of generating electricity.

The Airplane

The first airplane invention was made possible by the Wright Brothers, Orville, and Wilbur. Both of them were aviation pioneers and they invented, built and flew the very first motor-operated airplane. Carolina. Their breakthrough was creating a three-axis control system which made it possible for the pilot to control the plane and maintain its equilibrium. It is now the standard on aircraft of all kinds.

Orville and Wilbur Wright did not wake up one day to develop the airplane. Their mechanical skill was learned on the time they spent in their shop working on the printing press, motor, and other machines. They also worked on bicycles which made them believe it was possible to control and balance a flying machine.

The Computing Device

The computer system is one of the greatest and most powerful inventions in history. It was invented and created by a mechanical engineer named Charles Babbage. He is the “father of the computer” and he invented the first mechanical computer far back in the 19th century. The computer is a device that has changed our lives positively. The computer is the most powerful device in the world.

When the computer was developed, all its parts were made by hand. However, during the creating process, the British government ceased funding and it was later dissolved. Charles Babbage failed to complete the analytical engine due to financial and political difficulties. His desire was to build a very sophisticated machine that is so far ahead of any human. His son Henry developed a very simple version of the analytical engine in 1888. Then he demonstrated it successfully in 1906.

The Contraception

Another great invention the world has ever known is every form of contraceptives there are. The invention of the pills, condom and so many forms of contraception have led to a sexual revolution in today’s world. Humans can now engage in sexual activity for leisure rather than procreation. The invention of the contraceptive has drastically reduced the number of children born in a family. Families now have a better standard of living since there are few mouths to feed and care for.

Additionally, contraceptives are reducing the human population and very soon the number of people on earth will be stable. Contraceptives like condoms help to stop the spread of sexual diseases. There are so many dangerous diseases that threaten the human race but this contraception offers protection to humans. The invention of condoms came to life in the 18th century but prior to that, people were using natural means of contraception.

There have been advancements in birth control as they are now trying to get a male form of birth bills. This invention is also very important to the human race.


Finally, those are the top 5 powerful inventions that have changed the world for the better. However, it is not over yet as people are looking for ways to make these inventions better.

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